A Podcast Talking to Pioneering People Taking Action to Save the Planet

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Saving Tomorrow’s Planet investigates who’s doing what to save the planet & how we all can change to save it too.

We are focussed on talking to people who are doing things and not just talking about the need to do it.

The scale of change needed to reverse the increase in global warming will only happen with transformational innovation being adopted at scale.

Our conversations seek to uncover the innovative actions that individuals & companies are taking, and in our small way, through this podcast, spread the word.

Though the scale of the challenge requires huge actions, a billion small actions can help too. So we ask each guest to share their practical “tips and tricks” we can all use to reduce our personal environmental impact.

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Meet Our Host

Host: Jeremy Schwartz

Presenter and recent CEO of The Body Shop, Pandora and previously senior executive at L’Oreal and Coca-Cola.

Podcast Categories

What Categories and subjects are covered?

We are looking for guests to speak on the ten categories we have identified need to be addressed in order to Save Tomorrow’s Planet.

Within each category there are a number of subjects that have specific dynamics and actions to change and reduce their impact on emissions and global warming.


Cars, Planes, Trains, Boats


Wind, Sea, Solar, Gas, Coal, Nuclear


Bonds, Tax, Credits, Investors


Insulation, Heating


Luxury, clothing, packaging


Oceans, Animals, Ice, Jungles

Natural Resources

Oceans, Jungles, Water, Earth


Dairy, Vegan, Plant


Pollution, Transport



ECG, Paris Goals, Antitrust