About Us

Saving Tomorrow’s Planet

What makes our podcast different?

Saving Tomorrow’s Planet investigates who’s doing what to save the planet & how we all can change to save it too.

We are focussed on people actually doing things and not just talking about the need to do it.

Our conversations uncover innovative actions that individuals & companies are taking to reduce global warming. 

We also ask each guest to share their practical “tips and tricks” we can all use to reduce our environmental impact.

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Make A Change

Our point of view?

It’s obvious the planet is in crisis, yet many politicians and CEO’s are not acting with the crisis mindset and urgency required.

Solving the climate crisis needs “Innovators, Investors & Inspiring leaders” and that’s who we’re tracking down and talking to.

We also don’t believe politicians are bold enough, though some city ones appear to be, to legislate for the needed changes, so we’re searching out people who have the drive, vision and determination to make the changes happen themselves.

Podcast Categories

What Categories and subjects are covered?

We are looking for guests to speak on the ten categories we have identified need to be addressed in order to Save Tomorrow’s Planet.

Within each category there are a number of subjects that have specific dynamics and actions to change and reduce their impact on emissions and global warming.


Cars, Planes, Trains, Boats


Wind, Sea, Solar, Gas, Coal, Nuclear


Bonds, Tax, Credits, Investors


Insulation, Heating


Luxury, clothing, packaging


Oceans, Animals, Ice, Jungles

Natural Resources

Oceans, Jungles, Water, Earth


Dairy, Vegan, Plant


Pollution, Transport



ECG, Paris Goals, Antitrust

Making A Difference

Who are our guests?

Everyone from individual citizens who are taking action and have stories to tell to powerful leaders.

Diversity of people is important so we search out to talk to speakers from all walks of life and every corner of the planet.

Meet Jeremy

About the Host?

Jeremy is a CEO, family man and adventurer all of which inspired the creation of this podcast:

Saving Tomorrow’s Planet

With a career spanning L’Oreal, Coca-Cola, The Body Shop and Pandora, he knows the power of corporations to do good, and their need to act boldly.

Jeremy has a passion for speaking honestly and candidly about topics. This enables Saving Tomorrow’s Planet to get to the real heart of the matter, whatever the subject or complexity.

As an adventurer who climbs mountains across continents he has seen first hand the melting of glaciers, destruction of jungles and the damage being done around the world to our environment.