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“CEO’s are beginning to accept that consumers, activists, regulators and investors increasingly expect companies to develop solutions that challenge & replace existing business models & go to market offers. Just creating CSR reports and cutting, but not radically changing emissions, is not enough. New radical solutions may appear niche to a leadership team, but Elon Musk & Tesla shows us the tipping point to disruptive solutions becoming mainstream activities is accelerating faster than most leaders want to believe. To be winner not a loser companies need to start investing capex and opex and creating new organisational structures to deliver systematic sustainability innovation. Never easy, but critical to do.”

Jeremy Schwartz

Consulting services

Jeremy combines his experience as a CEO, with engineering, marketing and with BCG strategy consulting skills to bring visionary, strategic, financially supported and practical solutions to CEOs and Boards of Companies.

The population of the world  need  companies to innovate the solutions that will change their behaviour, reduce emissions and reverse the rate of global warming. Unfortunately, organisations exhibit huge inertia not to innovate or change. So often the drive to re invent a business practice comes from single individuals in companies, often visionary CEO’s or strong-willed employees, but these people also often face resistance from peers, Boards and surprisingly middle management and employees.

At the same time institutional investors are progressively disinvesting from polluters. Jeremy and his team can help CEO’s and leaders articulate and turn their vision and intent into practical business transformation initiatives that can really contribute to Saving Tomorrow’s Planet and overcome organisational inertia.

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Some of the specific initiatives that the Saving Tomorrows Plant Consulting services can address and deliver are:


Sustainability Innovation Business Cases

Creating compelling multi year factual business cases that support investment and demonstrate the ROI and focus on sustainability innovation and demonstrate their commercial viability.

Organisational Design for Sustainability Innovation

Creating organisational structures that lead at pace systemic sustainable innovation both within everyday business routines and as parallel business units.

Transformation Program Management for Agile and Go To Market Delivery

Create a focus, a pace and the meeting of program deadlines. To deliver visible results requires transformation programme management capabilities which often are missing in organisations and which are provided.

Creating Winning Consumer Propositions for Sustainability Initiatives

Consumers are not always willingness to trade off existing preferences for new sustainable ones. The team bring all the skills of marketing that are required to make the new sustainable propositions equally or more appealing than the existing offers.

Investor and Stakeholder ECG Validation and Communication

Investors are extremely eloquent in the subject of sustainability, ECG ratings and Green Bonds etc. The team create investor engagement content that will engage investors and more so than competitor sustainability programs.